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Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Do they sing progressive sea shanties out of fear of their captain overhearing them and executing them?

Or do they genuinely respect her and women? They are shown singing the shanties with great gusto and their shanties, should they be true, had them accommodating and praising women despite their captain's presumed absence.

How much of a Bad Boss the captain is is debatable. While executing the man was clearly Disproportionate Retributionshe did decide to lead the pirates into continuing their singing.

Key And Peele Wizard School

Whether she was Not So Above It All and genuinely enjoyed singing, wanted to rally up her men's sprits or just callously wanted to wash over the murder is debatable. Seeing the Irish pirate accidentally stabbing his crewmate with a knife and the pirates continuing to sing, perhaps murders are either commonplace under the captain or commonplace in the era. Hilarious in Hindsight : Advertisement:. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?Louis Tully is an accountant who lived down the hall from Dana Barrettin an apartment building on Central Park West.

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Five years later, he became the Ghostbusters' accountant. Louis occupied He had unreciprocated romantic feelings for Dana Barrett and clumsily bursted out of his apartment whenever she was in the hallway. He was mysteriously locked out of his apartment numerous times, unaware of the supernatural history of the building.

One night, Louis was hosting a party in honor of his fourth anniversary as an accountant.

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Vinz found its way into Louis' bedroom. After Louis unknowingly tossed the coats of Ted and Annette Fleming onto Vinz, it disrupted the party, smashing through the closet door terrifiying the guests and chased Louis until it cornered him in Central Park outside the Tavern on the Green. He bumped into a Coachman who gave him a hard time for talking to his horse.

The possessed Louis growled at him as his eyes flared purplish-red. He ran off rambling incoherently about the coming of Gozer. He later was picked up by the Copswho in turn dropped him off at the Firehouse. Egon Spengler took some P. Egon scanned Louis' brainwaves and saw an image of the demonic Terror Dog's head on a screen hooked up to the device.

Following Mr. Peck 's visit and the resulting explosion, Louis escaped, staggering around amidst the chaos in New York City in search of Zuul, who had possessed Dana Barrett, until finally finding The Gatekeeper in Dana's demolished apartment. They introduced each other as Keymaster and Gatekeeper and proceeded to meet at the center of Dana's ravaged apartment in a passionate embrace, kissing lustfully before heading up to the rooftop.

Louis and Dana later consummated their demonic union atop a large stone table in front of the Temple of Gozer, later transforming back into their natural Terror Dog forms. After the Ghostbusters battled GozerLouis was released from his possession as the Keymaster and returned to normal. At some point between andLouis earned a law degree at night school and expanded his specialties as a tax attorney. On occasion, he worked on probate. In lateat Peter's insistence, Louis reluctantly became the defense counsel for the Ghostbusters.

Despite only specializing as a lawyer for cases of taxation, he won the case. Louis' victory was indirect, as the Scoleri Brothers appeared in the courtroom, causing everyone to run for their lives and they captured Louis' rival attorney.

The Ghostbusters informed him he was next. He begged them to do something and help him but Ray deferred him to Louis. Louis pointed out the Ghostbusters were still under a restraining order preventing them from using their equipment. Wexler caved and rescinded all charges against them and dropped the case. Louis cheered over winning the case. Louis was in awe of the Trap upon the Scoleri Brothers' capture.

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He walked out with the Ghostbusters and held up the Trap.The Ghostbusters franchise spans numerous films, animated series, novelizations, comic books, and video games. Beginning with the live-action film Ghostbusters written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramisthe premise and storyline have inspired sequels, spinoffs, and reboots.

These entries into the franchise include an ever expanding list of both recurring and original characters.

vincent clortho high

Peter Venkman is the nominal leader of the Ghostbusters. He is portrayed by Bill Murray in both live action films, and is voiced in the animated series first by Lorenzo Musicfollowed by Dave Coulier.

"Obama's Anger Translator"

Peter is one of three doctors of parapsychology on the team; he also holds a PhD in psychology. In the movies, he is characterized by his blunt persona, his laid-back approach to his profession, and his womanizing demeanor; of the three doctors in the Ghostbusters, he is the least committed to the academic and scientific side of their profession, and tends to regard his field, in the words of his employer in the first film, as "a dodge or hustle".

In the first movie he is shown to have romantic feelings for Dana. He is one of the three doctors of parapsychology on the team. Ray is considered the "heart" of the Ghostbusters by the other members of the team. He is an expert on paranormal history and metallurgy. He is characterized by his almost childlike enthusiasm towards his work, and his outspoken acceptance of paranormal activity. Egon Spengler is the brains of the Ghostbusters who serves as Peter Venkman's second-in-command, and the creator of the Ghostbusters' equipment along with Raymond Stantz.

Lacking much of a personality other than his focus on all things scientific, he is often shown as lacking social skills when dealing with people.

LaMarche was the only voice actor to remain for the entirety of both series. Before the movie was released, American Cinematographer described Egon as "maniacal" based on reading the script. Winston Zeddemore is played by Ernie Hudson in both movies and the video game, and was voiced by Arsenio Hall in the first season of The Real Ghostbusters.

Buster Jones provided Winston's voice in the remaining seasons, and he reprised the role in a cameo on Extreme Ghostbusters. Hudson reportedly auditioned to reprise the role of Winston for the animated series, but he was rejected in favor of Hall.

Unlike the other members of the team, Winston is not a scientist with a background in the paranormal; the novelization says that he was in the Marines. He is hired when the Ghostbusters' business begins to pick up. Despite not sharing the educational credentials of his coworkers, Winston often serves as the everyman of the team, acting as a voice of reason and displaying more common sense than the others.

In the video game, Winston claims to have spent time in the Egypt exhibit of the museum while in college, suggesting experience in anthropology or a related science. Portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in the first and second movie, Dana Barrett was a single cellist living at Central Park West 55 Central Park Westa sinister apartment building which would become the gateway for the apocalyptic deity, Gozer the Gozerian.

Dana is singled out early for unwelcome paranormal attention by Gozer's minions, and seeks the help of the Ghostbusters after seeing their advertisement on television. She is possessed by the demon ZuulGatekeeper of Gozer; who along with Keymaster Vinz Clortho opens the interdimensional gate to summon Gozer to Earth in the first film. She promptly attracts the romantic attention of Venkman, whose flippant behavior causes her to doubt her decision to seek aid from the Ghostbusters.

In the sequel five years later, Dana is a divorced mother of an eight-month-old boy named Oscar; Venkman is neither her former husband nor Oscar's father.

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Dana was then working as a restorationist for the fictitious Manhattan Museum of Art. It is here that she and later Baby Oscar comes to the attention of the evil Prince Vigo the Carpathianwhose malign spirit inhabits his massive self portrait. When Dana and Baby Oscar becomes the target of Vigo's plot, the Ghostbusters re-enter her life to save her, Baby Oscar, and the world once more.Brilliant Comedy Central show Key and Peele debuted inand it ends tonight sniffle.

Over the past five seasons, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have hinted at their not-so-secret geeky leanings on several occasions. Here, we compile our favorite nerdy moments from the show.

Two survivors of an alien invasion learn all too quickly how to tell who is human and who is actually an extraterrestrial. You can watch the sketch here. In addition to loving Liam Neeson sthe valets are also passionate Game of Thrones fans.

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A pair of tough guys are about to take each other down The legendary Stan Lee crashes a meeting of initially thrilled Marvel staffers to pitch a slate of new characters with dubiously desirable and oddly Stan Lee-specific powers. We already shared our love for this sketch when it aired last week, but Another sketch we recently sharedbut this is pure gold. The A. Shop Subscribe.

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Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. This newsletter comes from the future. Cheryl Eddy.

vincent clortho high

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If Hogwarts Were an Inner-City School – Key & Peele

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Tags:pontiac, gto, classic, vintage, high key, muscle car.The show premiered on January 31, on Comedy Central. Example of: Ascended Meme. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Jordan: When I first came in here, you wouldn't even acknowledge that I could possibly be your son. Comedy Central? Get the fuck out of my house! They seriously wouldn't let her eat us? Latrell: Ooohh!

I wasn't being persecuted, I was just being an asshole! Garvy: A-A-Ron!

Key & Peele - Magical Negro Fight

Where are you? Where is A-A-Ron right now? No A-A-Ron, huh? Well, you better be sick, dead, or mute, A-A-Ron! Student: Here! Garvy: Why didn't you answer me the first time I said it, huh? I'm just— y'know, I'm just askin', y'know. I said it, like, four times, so why didn't you say it the first time I said "A-A-Ron"? Because it's pronounced " Aaron "? Principal O'Shaughnessy?

Devon: Okay, y' know what, I'm gon' level wit' y'all — there is a 4'3" nigga with a purple beard named "Gerald" somewhere in this buildin'. Tenant: Why does he keep getting smaller every time you mention him? Devon: Seriously? Because I didn't want to alarm y'all. H-he is disturbin'ly small. Obama: I'm the leader of the free world. Latrell: I'm not persecuted I'm just an asshole. Vice president: Okay, here goes. A Chinaman, a Polak, and an Arab walk into a bar Gay man: I love Arab jokes.

Woman: Ching-chong, bring it on. Black man: You had me at "Polak. You do not want to have animal relations with the other inmates You are not earning anyone's undying respect when you fart and it sounds like a bottle Williams: Oh yeah?!I used to like key and peel but they low key racist ass fuck and be making racist comments low key all the time.

God damn ledgends! And those comments make my skin crawl and hands ball into fists to just punch out those pearly whites. Them real witches and wizards are thinking. Very dark magic indeed. Be careful on the pedocode… We all know what a unicorn means. Touching children is ok if they behave and r programmed into animals… There seems to be such a school of mkultra.

Research Epstein school and the present US attorney generalBarrs Father recruited Epstein into that school and had connections to CiA and childrens foundations and wrote childrens science fiction books that are an allegory of the debt financila system… Epsteins next job was working for and being caught for contributing to Bear Stern fraud. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

San Diego High School student abused by teacher files lawsuit again school, district. Learning Upgrade: Technology in Iowa Schools. Related Posts. Wolfson College March 5, Meet Jessica Champlain College March 5, Make it happen! Vincent Clortho Public School for Wizards. Even love the sly Ghostbusters nod with the title of the school, lol. Just when I think comedy is dead here comes K and P to save the future. That moment when you realize there are over 60 schools worse than Vincent Clortho.

Get yuh ass out my office.

vincent clortho high

With such a racist country in denial, a reparations spell is necessary. Moomy Plopfern's High School for Dolts! Goooooo Sloths! This is canon in the Harry Potter universe, you can't change my mind. Someone show this to JK Rowling, we might get a new spinoff movie!

vincent clortho high

Darks Arts Technical Institute. Seems about right lol. That was phenomenal! Would totally love to see this developed into a full-length film! Demon dick must be bomb if they getting pregnant like that.

My complements to hentai. Who is that… Tyrone? And Epstein didnt kill himself. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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